PandaTO is a custom server, be sure to read through our Customizations page and familiarize yourself with them.

Quest rewards have been enhanced, see Enhanced Quests. Make sure to check your ingame System Mail as these have also been revamped. Sell the extra Ears and Tails from the Level 30 mail to Item Girl. This will give you enough galders to buy Skill Cards from your Skill NPC.

Skill NPCs are located in Paradise, Azteca and Garden of Skill Master.

Make sure to collect any Crystal Crystals you find along the way, these are important early game because they are used in the Rosemary Exchange to buy Myshop items such as Flicker Drills. Crystals are a common item when drilling in Desert Beach.

Leveling up guide:

Do Episode and Key quests until you are able to kill Tut or other bosses and farm for their equips.

As long as you have a GS+GLS comped with attr your journey to 400 will be easy. That is the fastest road you can take:

to 35 - Grumpy Octopus

35~80 - Tritch (Phantom School 1-3, Phantom School 1-4)

80~120 - Snowkid/Snowman (Snow Field 1) , make sure to pick up the Snowman Jelly to sell

80~120 Alternative - Agrippa/Pale (Phantom School Art Room)

120~260 - Desert Mine PQ

200~260 - Ice Dungeons

260~400 - Tapasco Mine PQ

*Note: Episode and Key quests give good experience and can level you most of the way to 400.

Farming Galders:

Snow Jelly

Hunt Snowkid at Snow Field 1 - Merry Christmas, for Snowman Jelly and sell at Snow Hill Gift Factory for 25k each.

 Rose Garden fields 2-4

Hunt Count/Tenter along with Captain charman for Gold Tights, Madam Moncher for Fragrant Perfume & Moncher Pies, and Captain Arman for Silver Mantles. Those four items have a sellback to the Vamp Gate Item Girl for 65k each, and during a Count rotation you may find his Pendants are also valuable.

Swamp field 3

The priority mobs are the Monkeya & Mingo who drop Dancing for Idiots/Red Apple, and Pavlov's Bell/Mingo Toy respectively.

Techichi field 4

Hunt for Blister Fruit and Neurotoxin and sell them at 65k each at Techichi gate.


Hunt Regional Bosses and collect all their drops, especially Ultimate and Chaos Equipment and sell to Item Girl. The higher level the boss the higher the sale value of the items, Spicy Dragon being the most profitable. Make sure to sell the Boss's miscellaneous item drops to the item girl in their original region. The sale price at other Item Girls will not be as high.

Example: Ice Earring from Queen Odinea sells for 64 999 galders in Snow Hill, but outside of Snow Hill the price drops to 25 000 galders.



The following Compound Potions have had their sale value increased for galder making.

This is experimental custom content that is a 'Work In Progress', prices and items are subject to change. Note that the sale price at Item Girl is half of the Item's value.

Item Value Ingredients Fee Location
Megalo Yummy Stick 1x Octopus Leg, 1x Plastic Pack 1g Paradise Shop
Honey Tea 1x Honey, 2x Royal Jelly, 2x Distilled Water 5g Megalopolis, Azteca
Ginseng Tea 2x Ginseng, 1x Honey, 1x Distilled Water 100g Azteca
Caballa Coffee 120k 2x Coffee Beans, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 1k Azteca
Transparent Medicine 1x Harkon Shard, 2x Super Bean Shell, 1x Fairy's Drink 100g Oops Wharf
Aqua Blue Potion R 150k 1x Pure Water, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 10g Aquarius Shop
Healthy Yoghurt R 100k 1x Sea Anemone Juice, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 2g Aquarius Shop
Bear Stew 150k 1x Bear Paw, 2x Herb Potion, 2x Edelweiss 1g Snow Hill Gift Factory
Laplanoel Shopping Mall
Long Lasting Matches 160k 2x Dry Wood, 1x Phosphorus Paste 1k Gate of Techichi
Fatigue Medicine 5x Panacea, 1x Herb Potion 8.85k Mirage Island Field 7